Family communication 

Why is it harder to be honest with your family? Does it seem as if they judge harsher? Do we feel as if we don't know how to say the right thing without hurting each others feelings? Does it just turn into a reality t.v. drama?  The past week I was surprised to have my middle sister visit Houston. It so happened that my mom was here in Houston and she was able to spend time with her 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.   [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] Yaya and her family, along with our best friend's two children Elizabeth and Jack[/caption]  This week brought about many conversations about communication, sharing feelings and growing as adults. Vanessa has always been the positive and the best at showing her feelings (especially the happy ones). She is just like our dad. Sometimes it feels as if we are not complete, unless we are all together. We work better, communicate better and just enjoy each other more.   [caption width="960" align="alignnone"] just relaxing with my baby sisters [/caption]  Being the oldest, there is a lot that I don't share with my sisters because I want to shield them from harsh realities. I am the oldest, I am the example that they should follow. I have not always been a good example for them as we were growing up, but I hope they learned from my mistakes. Now that we are all adults, it has been easier to share my feelings with my sisters and my mom. The best thing I think I shared with them is them is that I don't "know everything."  They of course knew this, but I bet they are glad I finally admitted it. Even up the playing field. We still have things to work on, but I think we are navigating through pretty well.   [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] food really brings us together, especially our mom's food[/caption]  I would not be ther person I am today without my family. We have learned some of the hardest lessons together. We respect each other for it and are stronger for the tough experiences. We have all needed to find our own way, but I hope we can share with each other how we got there. Life is a constant struggle to find yourself. I hope we always try to take advantage of opportunities to learn from each other and communicate. I must be a positive example in sharing my feelings with my family so that we all feel comfortable talking openly, even if it is through text. Sometimes it is better because we can think about what we are really trying to covey. Also remember to have fun with each other, not every encounter has to be all "kumbaya."  To sum it up: 
  1. Be the example - someone has to be the first, if I want them to do it, I must do it
  2. Admit your fault(s)- in my case there are quite a few, but maybe admitting that you are clueless is a good step in "creating a comfortable environment" to share feelings 
  3. Always begin and end positively- specific words of encouragement are very powerful and we all need them more than we think. 
  4. There is a lesson in every trial- we can not avoid harsh realities- we can not run from life and responsibility. We must learn the lesson from the "struggles
  5. Have fun together always and cherish the moments. Be happy in what you have, or you will never be satisfied. 
Have a great week! Live, love and learn :) 

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    I’d like to share a post by my older sister, Venice. She’s the co-owner and designer if Mari-Mac Designs. Her post has a great message about family communication. It’s a topic we feel that a lot of families can relate. It’s always a good feeling when we can connect with our parent and siblings.