Gardening: good for the soul and the family

Nature is surprisingly attuned to humanities needs. By now most American schools are back in session and organized sports have started. Parents are celebrating early bedtimes and welcoming back the scholastic routine. If you are a gardener or farmer the change in the weather has prompted fall blooms. We planted for the Fall growing season in mid-July.   [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] cucumber should be ready in a fee weeks [/caption] Gardening has been very therapeutic for me. Nature has been teaching me patience and perseverance. In a society of instant gratification, I have found an activity to balance the day to day hustle. I love showing my girls the beauty and simplicity of nature. [caption width="852" align="alignnone"] snacking while playing with the dogs and painting[/caption]I love taking pride in my home. We have worked hard to create a space that the whole family can enjoy. Family time is our favorite time.   [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] my favorite spot for enjoying quiet moments [/caption]   [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] a few new things to come for Copyright 2015[/caption]  My husband and I like to roam the garden every night after we put our daughters to bed. We inspect new growth and change.      I feel like I have been Fall cleaning. I have been tossing out things that no longer have use or bring joy to our life. Tips for cleaning out your closets click here! I can breathe a little easier having lightened the weight.  The same can be said for relationships.  [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] girls enjoying watermelon [/caption]   [caption width="852" align="alignnone"] this corner of the yard is a work in progress just like me[/caption] [caption width="852" align="alignnone"] after a long day at work and a stressful commute, outside time is what relaxes him[/caption]       [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] i have spent all summer in this dress[/caption]    

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