Home is where happiness lives 

My family and I have lived in this house for 2 1/2 years. Before buying our first home, we rented and grew accustom to change and packing! I am getting use to the idea that my house needs to be decorated. I suppose you could say that we are "puting down roots." This concept is hard because we are living in a city. Actually we live in a suburb of Houston. We dreamed of having land on then lake with our kids and dogs, maybe chickens and a cow. We still have or goals and will always be open to other opportunities. My husband and I (especially me) are learning that we must be happy with our current situation if we are ever to be truly happy.  I want to make my home feel comfortable and inviting. I have put pictures up, sewn curtains and pillows and even created functional outdoor spaces.   [caption width="852" align="alignnone"] we found this mini bistro table and tin camping plateware at Spice Village, Waco, TX click picture for link[/caption] My husband does things for functionality and cleanliness and of course I strive for originality and comfort. We both enjoying being outside and with our girls. I am learning to take time for myself.  For my next project I want to redecorate my room. I've found some inspiration for my bedroom oasis.   [caption width="750" align="alignnone"] from the today show- a makeover segment [/caption] I love the pale blue and white stripes for the wall behind my dark brown sleigh bed. Maybe I'll get white or neatral bedding with navy pillow accents and a navy monogram hung above the bed.   [caption width="3000" align="alignnone"] i may leave out our first initials. what do u think?[/caption] I also want a sitting area by the window that I can crawl into to write and read. My husband also plays guitar so of course I may let him use it.  Hopefully I will get some before and after pictures when my project is under way. Until then I will leave you with pictures from outdoor and office completions.                

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