Monkey see, monkey do

As a mom, I worry about doing what is best for my kids. As a wife, I worry about doing what is best for my husband. As a neighbor I worry about doing what is best for the neighborhood. As a daughter, I worry about why is best for my parents. Life equals a lot of worrying about others. I have discovered and I am learning to worry about myself. There is a lot that I would like for my family to be: close to God, happy, healthy smart, tenacious, physically and mentally tough. Then I realized, if I am not all of these things, how can I expect my family and those around me to be?      [caption width="852" align="alignnone"] texas summers are brutal, but a morning sweat makes these girls thankful for air conditioning and kale popsicles[/caption] [caption width="256" align="aligncenter"] i want to write in my journal while the kids color. the little one would rather i color also. toddler win[/caption]  If I want my family to eat healthy, I must eat heathy too. If I want my family to be physically fit and active, well then I must be as well! It is easier to sit on the couch and talk about what I want my family to do or how I want them to act. If I am not courteous to others, how can I expect for them to have the same manners? My attitude toward others has not always been positive. I am realizing that when I emit negativity it shows in my children and my husband.  [caption width="640" align="alignnone"] my morning meditation and coffee spot[/caption]  I stopped watching the news and trolling social media to see what was going on in everyone else's lives. Don't get me wrong I still check Facebook and my Instagram but my presence is in my life and in my family. How will you stay up with current events and learn about what I going on in the world?!?! When politicians and Miss Americas are asked that question.... "What would you change about our world?"  The answer is usually- peace and equality or something along those lines.  Well if I am a more peaceful person, my kids will be also. This is what is called a cycle! We must break the cycle of negativity and condition the world to reach the ultimate high of happiness within ourselves. Love one another but first you must start with yourself!  Peace, love and chocolate! 

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