Self confidence- my fashion statement 

I have not always been comfortable in my own skin and let's not mention the issues every women has with her body. I am full-blooded Filipina born in Lufkin and raised by my immigrant mother and my step-father from Kentucky. I was not just self- conscience about my looks but also about my not-so "conventional" family.   [caption width="852" align="alignnone"] my little sisters and our dad trying to stay cool[/caption]  I always remember being embarrassed. Embarrassed that I my skin was dark, my eyes were "slanted" that I had this thick, straight black hair, that I had a step-dad and that my sisters only were half related to me.  I am from a town in east Texas, that boasts a population of 35,000 plus people. It is not the smallest town, but if you are different.... They notice! I always thought it was bad to be different. In the summer my skin gets very, very dark. Growing up, people use to say "oh Venice you are so dark!! As I've gotten older I have been informed that this is a good thing. I cringe when people say things like that because of the negative way my mom would say it when I was young.  I even wear a long sleeve fishing shirt when I am outside.   [caption width="2250" align="alignnone"] our first year for our garden[/caption]  My mom use to tell me to squeeze my nose so that it would be slimmer. When people would look at me they would recognize that I was Filipina because of my flat nose and rounded face. These are all considered things that are negative because the Filipino culture longs to look like white- Americans.  We all want to be what we are not.    [caption width="504" align="alignnone"] thanksgiving 2013[/caption]    My negative self-destructive thoughts about my looks and my situation have changed over the course of my marriage and especially my journey into motherhood. I realized that, If I want to raise ny daughters into confident young women, that I myself had to lead by example.     I am more confident because I keep trying to make myself better. I am constantly pushing my family to be physically active, healthy and have a relationship with God. I must be the best for my family if I want them to be their best selves.    [caption width="958" align="alignnone"] christmas 2014[/caption]Life is a constant road of learning about yourself and how to be happy. I will always be my biggest critic on my looks and my life, but as long as I try to make myself better than yesterday i think I'm headed in the right direction.   [caption width="960" align="alignnone"] summer 2015[/caption]Positivity and determination has brought me a long way. Find what makes you happy and wear the shit out of it!!!    [caption width="1280" align="alignnone"] this white tubic top has been worn out[/caption] [caption width="1775" align="alignnone"] white tunic top and a highwaisted skirt [/caption]  [caption width="1000" align="alignnone"] being comfortable makes me confident [/caption]     Helping me along the way are a few of my favorite pod casts:  Tim Ferriss and Tara Brach 

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  • You are very inspiring and beautiful!

    • Madeline Johnson
  • Thanks Skydreamer. I am not the best at realizing my flaws, but it is hard to ignore the 2 and 4 year old versions of myself. ;P

    • Mari-Mac Designs
  • You are so beautiful, beautiful family and a strong women, great post :)

    • Skydreamer
  • Wonderful post, Venice! You are beautiful inside and out!!

    • Hudson
  • Thank you Madeline for your kind words and encouragement!!

    • Mari-Mac Designs